The following testimonials were given by Children’s House of Hershey parents for a special centennial celebration of Montessori’s birthday. We asked if we could share their thoughts on our website and they agreed.

“Montessori helps the children concentrate and learn because they work on activities they love. I like when I visit the classroom, that it is so quiet.”

-Trissa Koda

“What I value about the Montessori education in regard to my child is that there is a wide variety of materials available for her to take advantage of; also that since becoming involved with the program, she has gained a level of confidence, independence and eagerness to assist both her brother and her parents with daily tasks.”

-Victoria Sontheimer

“Hearing my boys say, “I can do it,” or “I want to help!” whenever we begin a new project or chore, or task around the house!

AND . . .

Watching my son correct one of the zoo tour guides when she improperly pronounced  “herbivore.”


“Montessori made me a better mom because I realized that children can do much more for themselves if I just give them the right tools and empower them.”

-Tracy Potachny

“Follow the child.”


“The exposure to varied content and hands on lessons for actualization of the concepts.”

-Bill Fisher

“What I like about Montessori for my son is that it encourages him to follow his own interests as well as to do things for himself.  He has developed quite a bit of self-confidence as a result of the Montessori environment!”

-Julie West