Preschool Classes

Children’s House of Hershey provides preschool classes that begin the last week of August and run through the first week of June. Each class is comprised of a mixed-age group between the ages of 2.6 – 6.6 years of age.

The comprehensive Montessori curriculum ensures an outstanding learning experience for every child, regardless of chronological age, developmental level or learning style. Each classroom is designed as a 3 year continuum, with the older children, in the class, acting as leaders and role models for the younger children. This group dynamic is integral to the Montessori method and enhances the development of the younger children by fostering their interest in all areas of the curriculum. Each class day is comprised of a two-hour independent work period followed by a 20 minute, teacher-directed, whole group activity involving either gross motor movement, rhythm, patterning, grace and courtesy lessons, music, literacy development and cultural awareness. Additional time is spent in outdoor play and outdoor learning experiences, including a children’s garden, group games and nature walks.

  • AM Preschool Class*  –  5 days a week, 8:45 AM – 12:00 PM
    (Includes once a week foreign language instruction.)
  • PM Preschool Class – 3 afternoons a week, (MTW), 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM
  • or 5 afternoons 12:30-3:30p

*K+ Program – for children of kindergarten age who have attended Children’s House for at least one year. This special program is based on the Montessori primary curriculum and the Core Knowledge Sequence and is designed especially for the Montessori kindergarten child. Special activities are included during the AM Class, with no additional charge.

Our classroom is in an original 100+ year-old one room schoolhouse, on an acre of farmland, centrally located between the towns of Hershey, Hummelstown, Harrisburg, Middletown and Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania.